Releases: Top picks for March 2020

Releases: Top picks for March 2020

March has been crazy, not just because of everything that is going on, but also because of so many fire relases! In case you missed some, here are our favourites:

Audio – Marauder

Groovy rythm, very dark and cosmic vibes. The bass hits you like a chainsaw, followed by some funky drum patterns which perfectly complement the heaviness of this track. What a crazy dynamic. Out now on Blackout as part of Lifecycle:Creation.

Magnetude – I’m For You

These Magnetude dudes are totaly crazy! New single is hitting hard, with a melodic intro and intergalactic female voice which is driving you directly to the insane drop, a proper snare shower! What a brain melter! Out now via Evolution Chamber. Also don’t miss them at our event – Bass Fighters XL, when COVID-19 lockdown ends.

Mefjus & Break – Out of Time

It’s Mefjus and Break. Do we need to say anything else? M A S T E R P I E C E. Out now on Vision as part of Mefjus Particles project.

Cømpiler – Dependency

Simple, but very cool techy track. The synths keeps it going nicely. And you know what they say: The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. Out now on Skankandbass.

Mizo – Icy Wyrm

New fire by one of our favourite Russians. Loving that raw saw, the track is very dynamic and progresses nicely. Perfect example of a neuro banger! Out now via Eatbrain as part of Mizo’s NEW EP called Icy Wyrm (whole EP is banging!).

Gydra – Hangjaw

Strong build followed by a crazy drop. Razor sharp frequencies supported by an intense bassline. Gydra never ceases to amaze! Out now on Eatbrain.

Jack The Ripper & Master Error – Died this way

Hardest hitting and the most unusual tune from the new Jack The Ripper EP. Angry synths combined with deadly subbass, make it a perfect combination for the dancefloor. Out now as part of Directions EP on Digital Terror Records.

Neonlight – Computer music 2020 (remaster)

OLD BUT GOLD! A remaster of a true anthem from the old days of melodic neurofunk. Powerful snares and a bassline that destroys all soundsystems. Out now as a part of Re-masters release via Neonlights label – Diascope. #bringsbackmemories

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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