Aniline a.k.a. Anja Zagorc, from Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia. Part of Bass Fighters crew – one of the leading forces of Slovenian Drum’n’Bass scene. She got involved in DnB and rave scene when she was a teenager, but more as a partygoer and music listener. In 2017 she joined Bass Fighters crew. In 2018 she also started DJing.

Her music selection is mostly Neurofunk, but she loves to play with all styles – so expect the unexpected! So far she has already performed on big events like Exit Festival, Springfestival Graz, Break & Lake festival, BF XL. Beside Serbia, Austria and Slovenia, she has also played in Slovakia and Croatia.

She has shared the stage with names like: A.M.C, ABIS, Telekinesis, Current Value, Gydra, Disprove, Disazst, Mizo, Freqax, Disphonia, Akrom, …






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