Dominus Diaboli

Dominus Diaboli or Martin Dobnikar is a Slovenian Dj and producer. In 2014 he joined Bass Fighters crew, which is gaining national recognition with monthly events and DJ bookings in Slovenia and abroad. Dominus Diaboli’s selection focuses mostly on Neurofunk subgenre, but he also includes influences from other subgenres of drum and bass. New releases are very important to him, because he combines them with „alltime“ floor destoyers, thats what makes people go crazy on his sets.

So far, he’s shared the stage with the likes of: DJ Hype | Jade | Mindscape | Telekinesis | Agressor Bunx | Enei | Disphonia | Broken Note | Volatile Cycle | Inwad, Hanzo & Randie | A-Cray | Qo | Merikan | Splash Heads | Akov | Khronos | Innate MC | Triamer & Nagato | State of Mind | The Clamps | Anatomix | Fourward | Cyantific | Hypoxia | Phace | Spectrasoul |Mean Teeth | Kutlo | Mizo | Nuclear Mc | Avoider |Zombie Cats |Unreal Project |Chris.SU | Xtrah |Insideinfo| and many others.

So far he has performed in clubs such as: ArtBar Druhý Pád (Brno, CZ), ((stereo)) – (Klagenfurt, AUT), postgarage (Graz, AUT), Q-WEST (Kufstein, AUT), Bunker(Graz, AUT), Arge Kultur (Salzburg, AUT), The Loft (Vienna, AUT), PPC (Graz, AUT), Privat club (Maribor), Channel Zero (Metelkova, Ljubljana), K4 (Ljubljana), Kurd (Pekarna, Maribor), Gustaf (Pekarna, Maribor), Kino Udarnik (Maribor), Mc na Placu (Slovenska Bistrica), KKM (Kanal ob Soči), Trainstation (Kranj), Klub Baza (Ajdovščina). He has also performed on many open air events such as: Natural Bass festival, Bass Fighters Night OPEN Air, Spiral vibration and Intensity Music Festival, Halamoye Dance Festival, Grill *in Bass and many others.





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