Spencah or Žan Licardo is a DJ and event organizer from Maribor, Slovenia. He is the head of Bass Fighters and program manager for K4DNB (Klub K4, Ljubljana).

His sets focus on delivering high quality experience via razor sharp supersonic frequencies, including the latest cutting-edge releases. Until now he has performed in Colombia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and almost every major city in Austria and Slovenia. 

So far, he’s shared the stage with the likes of: 

Delta Heavy, Mefjus, A.M.C, DJ Hype, Ed Rush, Skeptical, State Of Mind, The Upbeats, The Prototypes, InsideInfo, Smooth, Misanthrop, Jade, Mindscape, Telekinesis, Teddy Killerz, Turno, Agressor Bunx, Gydra, Phace, Zombie Cats, Hedex, Kasra, Enei, Cyantific, Fourward, The Clamps, Chris.Su, Joe Ford, Hypoxia, Spectrasoul, Technimatic, 1991, Document One, ABIS, Disphonia, Broken Note, Whiney, Klax, Volatile Cycle, Trilo, Akov, Freqax, Inward, Hanzo & Randie, A-Cray, Qo, Merikan, Mizo, Filip Motovunski, Splash Heads, Kutlo, Kyrist, Khronos, Benny Page, Innate MC, Nuklear MC. 

And played the following brand events or festivals:
Exit Festival, Critical Sound, Storm Club Prague, Let It Roll Warm Up, Outook Festival Launch Party, Imagination Festival Club Tour, Springfestival Graz, Break & Lake Festival.


2014 – Spencah forms Bass Fighters crew, which starts gaining national recognition with monthly events and DJ bookings in Slovenia. 

2015 – Bass Fighters switch their residency to Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna.

2016 – Bass Fighters crew hosts some smaller label nights. They begin to invite more international guests, and start DJing abroad as well.  On 11/11/2016, they make their first more recognizable international booking.

2017 – They start the year by hosting Disphonia, Fourward, Telekinesis and Cyantific.  Bass Fighers host Qo, organize a Let It Roll Warm Up event with A-Cray, and celebrate their third anniversary by inviting Akov. They also host Inward, Hanzo & Randie and Kutlo. With the start of the 2017 club season, Spencah starts working as the program manager of K4DNB event series in Klub K4, Ljubljana which brings State Of Mind.

2018 – They start the year by hosting Mean Teeth, Merikan, Chris.SU, Unreal Project in Maribor. K4DNB brings InsideInfo, ABIS (ex June Miller), Smooth and Critical Sound (The Upbeats, Misathrop, Kasra). Bass Fighters celebrate their 4th anniversary with Zombie Cats in Maribor, they also invite Gydra, Akrom and Kyrist for the finale of 2018. Big things incoming for this young crew!





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